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Finally, wireless meets business and experience requirements

Although wireless technology has evolved strongly over the past decade, engineers are still not exempted from solving interference issues, dropouts, poor throughput and wireless security issues on a weekly (if not daily) basis. Nowadays wireless architectures, whether through WiFi or 4G/5G, affect almost every aspect of technologies applied within businesses – including cloud, mobile and security. 

With digital transformation roadmaps already pressurising IT workforces on tight schedules, how can you quickly identify key areas to futureproof your wireless network, while supporting business goals at the highest level? 

Have your wireless networking architecture assessed on-site by Infradata wireless experts to get an all-encompassing report on:

  • Architectural, environmental and configuration factors that are at the root of all indoor and outdoor signalling and broadcast frequency issues, and advice on how to solve them;
  • Critical wireless (WiFi) security issues, channel conflicts, congestion, and more.
  • What’s needed to move forward and accomplish a secure and scalable wireless network design, which fully supports your business goals and multi-site and mobile workforce
  • Wireless Network Configuration review of SSID’s, User types, Policy management and authentication
  • Wireless Security review - from wireless to wired
  • Key recommendations for your wireless network


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Infradata wireless experts enable leading brands to accelerate digital transformation through groundbreaking wireless networking architectures, technology and performance. From award-winning retailers, globally recognized industrial manufacturers and service providers, to international logistic leaders, customers recognize Infradata as their go-to wireless networking partner. Talk to our wireless experts and start assessing your network today!

Overview of access point, critical wireless security and performance issues, and how to solve them

Tailor made secure Wireless Network architectural blueprint by Infradata wireless engineers with over 20 years of experience

Complete access point hardware, orientation and mounting analyses

Fully deployed and managed or co-managed wireless network services when desired

Access point backhaul cabling infrastructure inspection

Network client and access point traffic handling

Detailed WLAN design and config assessment, including data rates, channel planning practices used power settings, number of SSIDs used

And more...

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