iVEA Validated Enterprise Architecture

Next-Generation Integrated and Secure Design by Infradata.

Validated Enterprise Architecture design: Best-of-breed Cloud, Security and Networking Solutions.

Infradata's Validated Enterprise Architecture (iVEA) is a unique architecture blueprint based on best practices worldwide. The design brings together all elements of Cloud, Security and Networking for the enterprise. With iVEA our vendor agnostic experts support your organisation in shaping a future-proof, high performing and secure IT infrastructure.

For every IT Manager, selecting the right cyber security and cloud networking solutions for the entire infrastructure is a challenge. iVEA supports IT Managers and engineers to choose and discover which (invisible) pain points, challenges and opportunities exist around your current IT infrastructure. The design is based on the 'best-of-breed' principle, meaning Infradata independently delivers tailor-made solutions based on the most suitable technology for your (future) IT infrastructure.

Succesfully meet challenges that arise from Digital Transformation, automation, IT strategy development and more. Within iVEA, Security and Cloud Networking are merged into a workable and holistic representation of your entire enterprise IT infrastructure.

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iVEA at a glance

Infrastructure overview

Simplified representation of your entire IT infrastructure and challenges for IT Managers.

Identify gaps

Quickly identify gaps and challenges within your IT infrastructure

Future-proof IT

Translate your vision on future-proof IT into specific solutions and services for your organization.

Adaptive IT Strategy

Tool for digital transformation and the development of IT road maps, strategy and more.


Fitting vendor agnostic advice on selecting Cloud, Security and Network solutions


Validated design based on best practices from Infradata experts worldwide.

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