Security Automation & Incident Response

Do more in less time with Security Automation.

Over the last decade, enterprises have built their cyber security architecture using different vendors and technologies as a response to an imminent threat or to mitigate risk. This can amount to a dozen or more security products operating as independent security management domains. These complex and isolated security domains stand in the way of a coordinated, enterprise-wide security response; allowing malefactors more time to execute their attacks. 

In such an environment, security response teams have to use manual and inefficient processes to combat security attacks. The solution is a complete, unified and automated solution for the prevention, detection and response to modern attacks. 

Key challenges faced by enterprises:

  • Complex security environments
  • Siloed security management domains
  • Inefficient and slow manual processes
  • Inability to scale to address the sheer number of attacks and threats

Our experts have assessed a number of security solutions to help enterprises build an infrastructure-wide security management resolution, capable of making isolated domains work as one. Infradata’s security automation and orchestration solution is multi-vendor and allows for easy integration with third party security solutions.

Our solution includes the following capabilities:

  • Automating workflow
  • Automating response action
  • Sharing contextual insight
  • Rule and policy change automation
  • Compliance audit automation

This solution shares policy-based decisions across systems automatically. It also allows security insights provided by advanced threat detection systems and SIEM to trigger an automated response and enforce a broad range of policy-based controls, such as isolating the device and remediating the endpoint to eliminate threats.

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Business benefits of Security Automation

With an increasingly complex cyber threat landscape and an extreme shortage of skilled security professionals, many organizations are looking for ways to improve and simplify security operations. Despite the fact that staffing and cybersecurity budgets are rising, they aren’t keeping pace with increase in threats. So, organizations are struggling to find solutions that provide adequate security at the scale they need, and at a reasonable price.

Lower disruption to business due to an automated, fast response to security incidents.

Reduce overall costs of response.

Improve the efficiency of your security teams.

Save time and money by automating security management processes.

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