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The challenges associated with building Wide Area Networks (WANs) have changed dramatically over the past ten years. Designing a WAN used to be about user location relative to the data centre, and how much capacity was needed between the data centre and said users. Traditional routers running standards-based routing protocols such as OSPF and BGP would do all the lifting and ensure users could access their applications in the data centre. Provisioning new connections could take weeks if not months - today we expect connectivity within hours.

The WAN is in constant flux

The WAN and the Internet used to be distinct networks that could be connected via the data centre through a single firewall. This separation is no longer as clear. Applications and data increasingly live on the Internet. Applications used over the WAN are no longer limited to email and file transfers, we also use it for telephony, live video and real-time applications. Users now work off premise as much as they do on, yet they expect access to the same applications with the same experience. Applications do not always reside within your infrastructure, under your control, yet you are responsible for user experience and security. To add to this, a flawless WAN today may be archaic by next week.

WAN Solutions

Where the network used to be controlled by network protocols, it is increasingly being controlled as a software function. SDN and SD-WAN are not just buzzwords but provide a new perspective on what the network is and what it provides to your organisation, regardless of user and application demands. SDN and SD-WAN allow you to make network adjustments at minimal overhead and cost and can automate theses adjustments.

How can Infradata help?

Infradata has 13 years of experience in building enterprise and carrier WAN solutions. Our carrier experience and relationships give us the know-how to help you evolve to a new WAN that adapts to the type of application (critical/non-critical, real-time/non-real-time), application location (data centre or cloud) and user location.

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