Network Automation

Intelligently automate your core network with data-driven insights.

Automate your network - Combine network automation with data insights and visibility to increase network uptime, efficiency, and security.

Network automation and orchestration refers to the process of automating the configuration, management and operations of a network infrastructure. It includes a number of tools, technologies and processes and is particularly effective in helping organisations to automatically execute and manage manual and repetitive network tasks. 

Infradata is a pioneer in network automation and has extensive expertise in both Network Function Virtualisation (NFV) and Software Defined Networking (SDN). Infradata has also launched its own vendor agnostic NFV orchestration platform, nuQulus, that slashes the time it takes to provision new services from hours - potentially weeks - to minutes.

Find out more about how network automation and orchestration can help you to free internal resources and increase time to value.

Standardisation & change management

Network engineers execute network changes on a daily basis using different tools or command live interface (CLI). A structured process specifying how high- and low-level design documents are translated and implemented is not always present or followed by network engineers. It is also wide open to interpretation by individual engineers. As a result configuration diversity grows.

Change processes are broken, manual and implicit, and design rules are not always followed.

Configuration errors

As many as 90% of network problems can be traced to configuration errors,  and up to 80% of these configuration changes are implemented manually. The same applies to security - a recent poll by AlgoSec revealed that 66% of them cited human error in network security devices as the most common cause of outages.

The cost of changes

Following a manual process for network changes and provisioning is resource intensive. It also requires interaction between different teams such as design and operations, leading to delays in change processes and a high cost for businesses.

Infradata Automation Framework

Infradata has created a network automation framework that helps both enterprises and service providers to automate network design and changes over multi-vendor, multi-layer networks and services. The framework also offers cloud and SDN orchestration capabilities and integrates with Openstack. 

The framework provides many intelligent ways of structuring existing knowledge on automating repetitive network operation tasks. It consists of three main modules to bridge the gaps between designing, building and operating networks, and therefore the ability to automate. Each step includes a variety of tools that work seamlessly together.

These modules are:

Service modelling

Used to design and model network services and automation rules via an engineering-driven, web- based GUI.

Service state

All network changes and configurations are prepared and maintained (state) in a vendor agnostic database and GUI. They are combined with vendor specific templates to generate configurations before an actual deployment.

Service orchestration 

For the deployment and orchestration of parameterised devices and service jobs, start-up configurations and execution of network change flows. This module also schedules orchestrated changes to the production network.

Business benefits of Network Automation

Automation and orchestration bring a significant benefit to service providers and enterprises as they seek to avoid cost and improve revenue. Different forms of network automation can save you time, increase business agility, and improve service levels.

Improved network quality and stability

Minimal change error rate – first time right philosophy

Significantly reduced time to market

Release-based service roll-out capability

Reduction of network operation costs

Trusted Partner for Digital Transformation.

Superior Project Execution

First time right philosophy.

Direct Expert Access

Skilled multi-certified engineers who are context-aware.

Lean and Agile

Achieving quality, speed and customer alignment.

Vendor Agnostic

Designing and delivering best-of-breed solutions.

Holistic Approach to Security

From endpoint to network edge.

Proven Experience

Delivering services and solutions globally.

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