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Mobile Core Replacements

What to consider when replacing legacy elements?

Mobile Core Replacements

In the current landscape, many mobile operators are looking to replace multiple legacy network elements such as the DRA, STP and others. There are many reasons for this such as products becoming End of Life or End of Support, but also because of governmental policies enforcing the replacement of equipment from so-called high risk vendors. 

Taking into account the feasibility of replacing these critical network elements, it is key that such projects aren’t just a 1:1 swap-out – it ultimately has to deliver additional functional and economical benefits as well.

So why not opt for a single software engine solution that provides STP, DRA, EIR and many other network functions on a single platform, providing unrivalled signalling flexibility plus lower your OPEX costs at the same time?

Infradata has a track record in providing future-proof products in the mobile space offering many benefits, especially if it comes to functionality, capacity, software design and flexibility. Our experts combine the multi-functionality of the product with their extensive experience in replacing legacy or existing solutions with all active features into a new solution with a minimum or no downtime.

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