5G Transition

5G Signaling Solutions

Enable 5G services while optimally leveraging investments of existing systems

Infradata provides 5G network functions as well as interworking with legacy 3G, 4G, Fixed/Wi-Fi functions. This way, Infradata supports service providers to enable 5G services while optimally leveraging investments of existing systems. They include HTTP/2 Proxy, Binding Support Function (BSF), Security Edge Protection Proxy (SEPP), 4G-5G interworking, and more.

Enabling the transition from 4G to the 5G NG core

Service providers want network convergence – not duplicated functions (for each access network) hosted on a common infrastructure (source: NGMN). Service providers have invested heavily in the 4G EPC, going through great lengths to incorporate Diameter based products next to their SS7 assets. 5G will not only introduce new core network elements, it will also introduce a new signaling protocol: HTTP/2. Now 5G standardization has made considerable progress, the time has come to consider the available options for the road ahead to 5G.

5G portfolio

The Infradata product portfolio includes 5G software based network functions that support service providers with their network transition from legacy to the 5G Next Generation Core.

The 5G product portfolio includes:

  • HTTP/2 (RFC 7540) Proxy and Binding Support Function (BSF 3GPP TS 29.519)
  • Security Edge Protection Proxy (SEPP TS 33.501)
  • Interworking function between 2G, 3G, 4G, 5G, IMS, Fixed/Wi-Fi and IT
  • 5G Gateway Mobile Location Center (GMLC TS 29.518)
  • 5G Equipment Identity Register (EIR TS 29.511)
  • 5G Number Portability (ENUM)
  • 5G Security (e.g. Firewall)

Infradata products are software based, access network independent, and multi-protocol by design. Most vendors provide loosely coupled signaling point solutions, consisting of multiple legacy products integrated as an afterthought or patchwork solution. Infradata products are based on a single engine design, optimized for converging networks. It enables uniform operations, central IT integration and real-time subscriber management across access networks. Furthermore all products are GUI powered and using a single capacity license with a free traffic mix across supported protocols (SS7, Diameter, RADIUS, SIP, HTTP etc.).

Preparing for convergence

Convergence requires products that work across different domains, networks, technologies, vendors and services. These products should support interworking and gradual migration/transition to 5G. This applies to investments in new 5G network functions as well as legacy product replacements (e.g. STP, DRA).
Infradata is the vendor of choice for next generation signaling products and network applications, designed to support service providers targeting convergence across legacy and next generation networks. This creates the landscape by which the new 5G network will thrive without becoming another technology silo.

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