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Ever-changing and disrupting technologies shake up business models as we enter a hyper-connected world where networks require to be equipped with low latency, high density and high throughput. With the 5G New Radio standard finalized, the standardization of 5G has accelerated, bringing us closer to deploying smarter, faster and unparalleled connected services.

Capturing the economical benefits of 5G

5G is more than just a generational step in connectivity; the role that mobile technology plays in society will be transformed fundamentally by 5G. With the continuous growing demand for connectivity, 5G stands for the opportunity to create a purpose-built agile network, tailored to specific needs of citizens and the economy.

Service providers can capture the economic benefits that 5G brings and enable high-value mobile networks for a secure 5G digital economy. They become massive technology enablers and trustworthy partners for business customers by building differentiated networks to maximize the business opportunity and minimizing liability. Operator revenues are predicted to grow at a CAGR of 2.5 percent to reach $1.3 trillion in 5G services by 2025.

5G will introduce mobile growth, how to secure it?

Global mobile data traffic is expected to grow eight times by the end of 2023. Higher data rates, spectrum utilization and more efficient technologies such as 5G Signaling Solutions, Diameter Firewall and Location Based Services are therefore needed. Examples of innovative applications such as Virtual Reality, connected cars, remote patient monitoring and smart agriculture, as well as 8K video streaming, require higher bandwidth, new security standards, low latency and greater capacity.

As 5G begins to roll out, organizations are also increasingly looking to service providers for a resilient network with robust security mechanisms in place to secure their connected customers, making sure applications and services that come across their networks are clean and secure. Prevention becomes more critical than ever. Establishing application-layer visibility and consistent security for all locations across the mobile network is essential to providing future-proof security.

5G: The first Cloud Based Architecture for mobile operators

5G is the key building block of a networked society and the mobile digital world. Empowering way beyond just speed improvements, a Cloud-Native 5G architecture enables diversified service requirements, as well as continually connected services with much lower latency than what is experienced today in mobile networks. 5G Core networks provide capabilities such as Network Slicing and mobile edge computing, opening up a new dimension of use cases and business models. With 5G RAN technologies, a competitive edge can be gained, as it enables providers to launch commercial 5G, low latency networks and high bandwidth support for many more devices. This is why 5G represents a fundamental change to the business environment. A transformation to the ways business is done in several industry areas.

ITU-R estimates global IMT traffic will grow in the range of 10–100 times from 2020 to 2030. It also expects IMT-2020, which is ITU term for 5G, is to support three different sort of services: enhanced mobile broadband, ultra-reliable and low latency communications, and massive machine type communications. The three types of services may not be supported by a single access network. 5G network will support various access networks including 5G new RAT, fixed wireline and WiFi.

From the perspective of network operators, this means new business models will emerge with 5G leading to new ways of monetizing the network—building ecosystems for smart cities and IoT for example, utilizing new models enabled by 5G.

Infradata: Building best-of-breed 5G networks

Infradata supports you with your 4G to 5G transition roadmap. Based on our unparalleled experience and a strong footprint in the Service Provider industry, enabling technology and network transformations, we developed a holistic approach and methodology to help you take the journey to 5G. Cost efficiently and successfully with our Mobile Solutions.

Our specialists in the telecommunications sector offer the insight and tools to help your company identify the opportunities of 5G, maximize growth and prevent possible pitfalls. From mobile broadband to network infrastructure to the evolution of devices, we give you access to professionals with valuable, hands-on experience.

With progressive, program-focused, vendor-independent solutions that demonstrate deep understanding of IT systems and interoperability, Infradata deploys a world-class engineering team for your IT challenges, who are ready to help you develop the business models and technologies that will bring 5G to life.

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