Why it's time to retire WLAN controllers

The world has changed substantially since they were created over a decade ago

The world has changed substantially since Wireless LAN (WLAN) controllers were created over a decade ago. While the controller architecture was great for managing yesterday’s network of APs where wireless clients were limited and connectivity was a convenience, they are not equipped for the modern era of mobility.

There are many things an AI-driven microservices cloud platform can do that wireless controllers simply cannot, and controllers never will be able to achieve due to their inherent architectural limitations.

In fact, Mist dares any vendor who claims to do the following to prove it, like Mist does in this whitepaper.

If you are looking for a wireless network for the next decade instead of the last one, download this whitepaper with Mist's comprehensive comparison and 'why it's time to retire WLAN controllers'. 

The whitepaper addresses the following topics:

  • SaaS Agility for Day-to-Day Operations
  • Eliminating Physical Devices in Datacenter
  • Microservices
  • UX Visibility
  • Dynamic Packet Capture
  • Automation via API's
  • Personal WLANs for Microsegmentation
  • And more!

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Whitepaper: Why it´s time to retire WLAN controllers

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