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Advanced Application Threats

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The threat landscape is dramatically different than it was just 5 years ago. A traditional web application firewall (WAF) was once a very effective solution for mitigating application layer attacks, but now has trouble keeping up with the advanced capabilities and agility of attackers. Signatures often lag behind new exploits. Even when a traditional WAF is capable of mitigating the threat, implementing and managing it properly can be a challenge. Today, new methods are needed to effectively automate the mitigation of fast-evolving threats.

With Web application attacks being the number one source of data breaches, having a Web Application Firewall (WAF) ihas become essential to securing online businesses. The WAF provides critical security controls to better defend web apps from malicious threats.

However, not every WAF solution is the same. Many help an organisation protect their apps from common and known threats. 

F5 has announced their Advanced Web Application Firewall, a new category of app protection that introduces innovative capabilities to the WAF market.

In this white paper F5 Networks shares how autmated threats drive today's attacks and how you can defend against them.


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