MX Routers Upgrade to MPC10E Line Card

Increased the speed, capacity and capabilities of the Juniper MX Series Universal Routing Platform

The Juniper Networks MX Series offer high performance, scale, and investment protection for a wide variety of service provider and enterprise applications. These include business and residential broadband services and high-volume data center internetworking. 

MX Upgrade with MPC10E Line Card

The new MPC-10E line card has increased the speed, capacity and capabilities of the Juniper MX Series Universal Routing Platform. By upgrading the existing MX Series routers (MX240, MX480, MX960) you can take advantage of the new MPC-10E line card, while leveraging your prior investments in the Juniper Networks MX routers MX240, MX480, or MX960 with MPC3E/MPC4E/MPC5E line cards.

Through this MX Upgrade promotion, four packages are offered which include either a 10-port or 15-port MPC10E line card, with either the “advanced” or “premium” JUNOS software licenses. In addition, the SCBE3 fabric card will be required. Depending upon hardware configuration, there will be 1-3 fabric cards required per MX router. As part of this promotion, the SCBE3 fabric card is included.

Use cases forMX Series Routers upgrade with MPC10E Line Card:

  • Business and Residential Broadband Services
  • High-volume Data Center Internetworking
  • Business Edge
  • Internet/Peering Gateway
  • Broadband Network Gateway (BNG)
  • Universal SDN Gateway
  • Data Center and Cloud Edge
  • Enterprise WAN
  • Universal Metro/Aggregation
  • Mobile Backhaul


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