Infradata delivers bespoke security solution for leading automotive manufacturer

A single point of expertise for the security maturity journey

Infradata is supporting one of the world’s leading automotive manufacturers in its commitment to delivering the highest standards of technical innovation, environmental impact and safety assurance. Chosen on account of the company’s highly skilled engineers and extensive cyber security knowledge, Infradata is acting as the single point of expertise for the build, operation and management of this well-known automaker’s network.

Infradata worked alongside the client to understand its growth goals and the strategic initiatives that underpin them.  Our experts took the customer through a security roadmap and maturity modelling exercise, from this both parties agreed on the journey and solutions which would allow the organisation to dramatically improve their security profile and reduce risk.

Proactive identification and mitigation

The solution includes cutting edge security and networking technologies designed to proactively identify and mitigate potential security threats as well as address increasingly rigorous regulation and compliance demands. In addition to the technology, Infradata provides complete visibility across the organisation’s network and supports the existing infrastructure as well as providing advanced consultations on the future technology roadmap.

A further element to the partnership is Infradata’s role as a trusted advisor to this manufacturer’s IT organisation. Infradata has provided specialist training in the latest cyber security technologies and approaches, allowing staff to confidently make changes to its network configuration and security protocols. All with the confidence that comes from knowing that they have a team of certified experts on hand to assist if required.

IT as the fuel for digital transformation

In an environment where operational and transformational priorities can often be in conflict, organisations face an escalating challenge. How do you meet demands of system performance, availability and quality of service whilst at the same time freeing IT to be the fuel behind digital transformation initiatives? All against a backdrop of an IT skills shortage in general and an IT security skills gap in particular.

In the case of this automotive manufacturer the answer was to find a knowledgeable and flexible partner; one able to manage the end-to-end process and provide in-depth consultancy when required, but who is also willing to share its expertise and enable its clients.

 Advancing the role of IT as a strategic adviser to the business

Built on a firm foundation of trust and mutual respect, Infradata and its client have completely modernised the organisation’s network and security posture – in terms of both technology and methodology.  The two companies are looking forward to working together on the continued advancement of the IT organisation’s role as a strategic partner to the business as a whole.

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