Dion Global Solutions collaborates with Infradata to enable secure transition to the Cloud

Dion Global Solutions is a global business with a footprint across major financial centres including the UK, Canada, India, Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Indonesia and Australia. The company is a leading technology solution provider developing innovative technology solutions for wealth managers, brokers, banks and other financial institutions, allowing them to optimise business operations and transform the experience of their customers.

Most recently, Dion launched its award-winning Wealth Intelligence Platform (WIN) as a software-as-a-service (SaaS).  Providing a suite of standalone system agnostic modules for investment management, client interaction, order management, analytics and asset administration, the solution is hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS).

We sat down with Tanveer Hafeez, Global Head of IT at Dion, to discuss how a SaaS model is delivering better value and agility to customers and the integral role of trusted security partners like Infradata.

Q: Can you give us a quick overview of your business and the customers you work with?

A: Dion is a technology partner with over three decades of experience in building creative software solutions for wealth management. This includes post trade processing, FATCA, CRS and other tax compliances, mutual fund distribution and governance and risk and compliance. We understand the needs of our customers and build customised solutions to address their specific requirements. Most  recently we launched our all new hosted WIN modular platform hosted in AWS - which means that reputation and security are primary concerns.

Q: What kind of solutions do you offer and how have they evolved?

A: Over time and we developed a complete integrated modular system, on the back end this includes things like managing contracts, fees, processing and tax reporting; on the front end we deliver solutions for trading, portfolio tracking, fund distribution and analytics. In addition, we offer a document management system that was developed in response to customer demand. Traditionally most of these solutions were on premise hosted in datacentres or at client sites.

More recently, we took the decision to transition the WIN platform to a modular, cloud subscription-based SaaS model which allows customers to scale up in response to business, market and client demands - without being constrained by hardware or physical location. By allowing the solution to grow with the customer, we are helping them to be more efficient and to manage the risks that would typically be associated with major software deployments in the financial sector.

Q: How has Infradata supported you with this?

A: Dion’s strength is delivering powerful financial technology solutions which allow its customers to manage and maximise the wealth of their clients. While the infrastructure and security of those solutions is paramount, it isn’t our core area of expertise.  Although we have a strong technical team to manage and secure the infrastructure we rely on specialists like Infradata who have in-depth knowledge of the latest cyber security solutions and trends and can apply them to our business. For Infradata, it isn’t about technology for technology’s sake, it’s about crafting a solution that is tailored to address the specific requirements of its customers.

Q: Is there anything in particular which you think sets the experts at Infradata apart from other cyber security partners?

A: Yes, what’s especially valuable to me is working with technical specialists who have real-life experience of solving complex technical challenges and know the pain that comes with it! It’s rare to find security partners who really ‘get it’ and because they know your business almost as well as you do can make genuinely constructive recommendations. That’s what makes Infradata different.

Q: And finally, what does the future hold for the Dion & Infradata relationship?

A: Dion and Infradata are continuing to work together on pioneering new solutions for Dion customers. We are looking into potential managed service offerings as well as continuing to build out our cyber security and infrastructure capabilities.

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