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VMware vCloud NFV OpenStack

Accelerate deployment of production NFV services on OpenStack

VMware vCloud NFV OpenStack is a production proven carrier-grade OpenStack solution that provides the fastest path for communications service providers (CSPs) to deploy services on OpenStack. Many of the world’s leading CSPs rely on vCloud NFV OpenStack to develop modern cloud computing stacks, transform their networks, operations, and business models to support new revenue streams, lower operating costs, and evolve to 5G.

With advanced resource placement, fast and hitless installs and upgrades, high availability, security with micro-segmentation, and intelligent operations with carrier-grade vRealize Operations, vCloud NFV OpenStack is not only easy to deploy and operate alongside your current infrastructure but also ready for what’s next.

  • Accelerate service innovation and time-to-market anytime, anywhere and across any device by leveraging VMware’s innovations in Multi-access Edge Computing, Software-Defined WAN (SD-WAN) and hybrid cloud technologies
  • Reduce operating expenses through extensive automation and continuous network performance optimization
  • Realize low capital expenditure per subscriber with a dense data center footprint and lower licensing costs

What vCloud NFV OpenStack Edition Delivers

Simplified Installation and Deployment

CSPs achieve the fastest path to a fully operational OpenStack environment with VMware Integrated OpenStack. As a downloaded virtual application within the vSphere web client, a production-grade OpenStack infrastructure can be deployed in a few simple steps, with all the components required.

Seamless and Hitless Upgrades

VMware Integrated OpenStack is architected with separation of control plane and data plane. Through hitless upgrades and patch updates in the VMware vCenter maintenance mode, this separation enables network service continuity during maintenance cycles.

Simplified Operations

Benefit from 360-degree visibility, proactive and predictive analytics, issue isolation, root cause analysis and fast remediation capabilities. VMware vRealize Operations Manager, vRealize Log Insight and vRealize Network Insight are fully integrated and provide real-time operations monitoring and analytics from a single pane of glass.

Your dedicated VMware experts

Infradata is an award-winning VMware Partner with advanced specialties, and the distinction of multiple certified engineers on staff. Our engineers are recognized by VMware as technical experts and advocates of VMware solutions. That means you can count on Infradata for the technical know-how and hands-on experience to accurately assess your business requirements, and design, implement, and manage a VMware-based solution to suit your needs.

Infradata is an award-winning VMware Partner and reseller. Our seasoned engineers deliver premium support and can execute projects on any scale.

What vCloud NFV OpenStack Edition Delivers

Based on OpenStack Distribution

Take advantage of the latest upstream functionality using the most recent Queens-based OpenStack release

VMware Integrated OpenStack “In a Box”

Build small footprint, highly resilient micro data center form factor for Multi-Access Edge Computing (MEC) and latency sensitive VNF deployments. Take full control of these micro data centers and applications at the edge via automated API-driven orchestration and lifecycle management services.

Cloud-Native Application support

Run container-based virtual network functions in production on top of OpenStack through integrated container orchestration and management support, enabling VM and container-based VNFs to run on a single Virtual Infrastructure Manager

Accelerated Data Plane Performance

CSPs can achieve significant improvements in application response times, reduce network latencies, and breakthrough network performance while optimizing resource utilization via support of NSX-T Managed Virtual Distributed Switch in Enhanced Data Path mode and DPDK as well as optimized data plane techniques in VMware vSphere.

Integration with NFV Infrastructure

Leverage VMware’s highly available, multitenant vCloud NFV platform, which has been tuned for service provider requirements. With optimized resource management and prioritization of resources based on NFV workloads, vCloud NFV ensures high performance, scalability and high resiliency for your critical network services

Elastic Multi-Tenant Resource Scaling

Respond to real-time traffic conditions with an elastic service construct that allows CSPs to add new resources dynamically across different vSphere clusters. Provide highly available and scalable networks with resource guarantee and resource isolation to each tenant so that no other tenant can either consume from a given resource pool nor access the resource pool.

Integrated Operations and Service Assurance

Realize 360-degree visibility with real-time insights, root cause analysis (RCA) and remediation for OpenStack-based environments, including advanced workload analytics, predictive resource scheduling and balancing, and high-scale monitoring for VMs and containers across a single virtualized infrastructure manager (VIM)

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