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Pulse Policy Secure

A contemporary Network Access Control (NAC) solution built for the next generation of networks.

For years, NAC was something that had system admins running for the hills because of its reputation of being hard to configure and only something that the department of defense would only want to dabble in... until now.

Put simply, NAC is a great way to control which devices connect to your network and what they can do once they are connected.

It’s exactly like the access control you have been setting up on file shares for years. When you think about it, why should any device with a wireless password or wired connection access everything?

That's where Pulse Policy Secure comes in.

Your dedicated Pulse Secure experts

Infradata is an award-winning Pulse Secure Partner with advanced specialties, and the distinction of multiple certified engineers on staff. Our engineers are recognized by Pulse Secure as technical experts and advocates of Palo Alto solutions. That means you can count on Infradata for the technical know-how and hands-on experience to accurately assess your business requirements, and design, implement, and manage a Pulse Secure-based solution to suit your needs.


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NAC Uncomplicated.

Complete Network Visibility

Automatically detect, classify and monitor managed, IoT and other unmanaged devices that are connecting to the corporate network. The system further monitors devices for security and profile state changes.

Automatic Device Onboarding

Automatic onboarding features for Windows, Mac, smartphones and tablets.

Regulatority Compliance

Ensure security compliance with the most stringent industry and government regulations.

Contextual Access Control

Orchestrate access policy wired and wireless connections, personal and corporate devices, remote and local access.

Wizards and Templates

Take the complexity out of setting up a NAC solution.

Guest User Management

Simplify the experience of handling restricted casual visitors to your network.

Mobility Management Integration

Extend NAC policy enforcement with information from 3rd party EMM solutions.

Orchestrate Threat Response

Share user and device info, as well as receive alerts from popular switches, wireless controllers, NGFW, SIEMs, EMM and endpoint security solutions.

Complete access control of who, what, when and where with Pulse Policy Secure.

Pulse Secure Product Illustration

Jam packed with features for the next generation

BYOD Onboarding

Automated configuration of devices with settings and software for Wi-Fi and VPN access.

Compliance auto-checks

Enhanced assessments of endpoint device health, vulnerability and security state.

Comprehensive visibility

Profile on-network endpoint and IoT devices for verification and remediation.

Unified Client

A single client gives users both VPN and local access for a simple and easy user experience.

Guest access

Ability to create time-limited guest accounts - and provide a seamless user experience.


Orchestrate and automate security enforcement with over 20 vendor solutions including switch, firewall, mobile and endpoint security.

Centralized command

Control everything from a single management console and dashboard deployed in the cloud or data center.

Patch assessment

Minimizes malware risk and downtime through automatic remediation of patches for endpoint devices.

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