Palo Alto PA-400

Secure the distributed enterprise

The world’s first ML-Powered Next-Generation Firewall (NGFW) enables you to prevent unknown threats, see and secure everything—including the Internet of Things (IoT)—and reduce errors with automatic policy recommendations.

The Palo Alto Networks PA-400 Series, comprising the PA-460, PA-450, PA-440, and PA-410, brings ML-Powered NGFW capabilities to distributed enterprise branch offices, retail locations, and midsize businesses.

PA-400 series


  • 5.2/4.7 Gbps firewall throughput (HTTP/appmix)
  • 2.4/2.6 Gbps threat prevention throughput
  • 3.1 Gbps IPSec VPN throughput
  • 400,000 max sessions
  • 74,000 new sessions per second


  • 3.8/3.2 Gbps firewall throughput (HTTP/appmix)
  • 1.6/1.7 Gbps threat prevention throughput
  • 2.2 Gbps IPSec VPN throughput
  • 300,000 max sessions
  • 52,000 new sessions per second


  • 3.0/2.4 Gbps firewall throughput (HTTP/appmix)
  • 0.9/1.0 Gbps threat prevention throughput
  • 1.6 Gbps IPSec VPN throughput
  • 200,000 max sessions
  • 39,000 new sessions per second


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