Palo Alto K2-Series

5G-Ready Next-Generation Firewall

Advanced threat prevention to secure 5G and IoT mobile network deployments

K2-Series 5G-Ready Next-Generation Firewalls prevent successful cyberattacks targeting mobile network services, IoT devices and subscribers by providing robust, prevention-oriented security to build resilient and high-value mobile networks for a secure 5G digital economy.

Introducing the K2-Series: Explore 5G and IoT opportunities with confidence

The move to 5G creates disruptive business opportunities for mobile network operators – but it also increases the number of potential intrusion points, intensifying the security impact.

The new K2-Series gives mobile network operators complete visibility and control with automated security enforcement across all network locations, so you can maximize the new opportunities of 5G mobile networks with confidence. Read how the K2-Series combines complete protection, consistent management and throughput of up to 1 Tbps, using dedicated processing and memory for the key functional areas of networking, security, threat prevention and management.


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K2-Series Features

Comprehensive visibility and granular control

Gain complete visibility and control across all layers, including signaling, data and control plane, with application-layer visibility inside mobile tunnels. Subscriber (IMSI) and device (IMEI) correlation to threats helps to identify infected subscribers and devices while enabling actionable insights for faster security troubleshooting.

Security automation for rapid response

Take full advantage of automated, cloud-based threat intelligence powered by machine learning and AI, enabling teams to provide real-time response to threats across networks on a global scale. Service providers can identify unknown malware crossing their networks and analyze it based on hundreds of malicious behaviors to deliver automated protections.

Network agility with cloud-ready NFV

Cloud-ready platform offering the same features for both hardware and software form factors to ensure consistent security enforcement across all network locations and support emerging 5G architectures. Support for open API, offering operational simplicity, ease of use, and integration readiness with NFV/SDN ecosystems.

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