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Fundamental shifts in application usage, user behavior, and complex, convoluted network infrastructure create a threat landscape that exposes weaknesses in traditional port-based network security. Your users want access to an increasing number of applications, operating across a wide range of device types, often with little regard for the business or security risks. Meanwhile, data center expansion, network segmentation, virtualization, and mobility initiatives are forcing you to rethink how to enable access to applications and data, while protecting your network from a new, more sophisticated class of advanced threats that evade traditional security mechanisms.

Palo Alto Firewalls

Historically, you were left with two basic choices – either block everything in the interest of network security, or enable everything in the interest of your business. These choices left little room for compromise. The Palo Alto Networks® Next-Generation Security Platform provides you with a way to safely enable the applications your users need by allowing access while preventing cybersecurity threats.

Palo Alto's Next-Generation Firewall is the core of their Next-Generation Security Platform, designed from the ground up to address the most sophisticated threats. The Next-Generation Firewall inspects all traffic - inclusive of applications, threats and content – and ties it to the user, regardless of location or device type. The application, content and user – the elements that run your business – become integral components of your enterprise security policy. The result is the ability to align security with your key business initiatives. With our Next-Generation Security Platform, you reduce response times to incidents, discover unknown threats, and streamline security network deployment.

  • Safely enable applications, users, and content by classifying all traffic, determining the business use case, and assigning policies to allow and protect access to relevant applications, including software-as-a-service (SaaS) applications.
  • Prevent threats by eliminating unwanted applications to reduce your threat footprint and apply targeted security polices to block known vulnerability exploits, viruses, spyware, botnets and unknown malware (APTs).
  • Protect your data centers through the validation of applications, isolation of data, control over rogue applications and high-speed threat prevention.
  • Secure public and private cloud computing environments with increased visibility and control; deploy, enforce and maintain security policies at the same pace as your virtual machines.
  • Embrace safe mobile computing by extending the Next-Generation Security Platform to users and devices no matter where they are located.

Visibility and Control

Our next-generation firewall classifies all traffic, including encrypted traffic, based on application, application function, user and content. You can create comprehensive, precise security policies, resulting in safe enablement of applications. This lets only authorized users run sanctioned applications, greatly reducing the surface area of cyber attacks across the organization.

Palo Alto Networks next-generation firewalls are architected to safely enable applications and prevent modern threats. Our approach identifies all network traffic based on applications, users, content and devices, and lets you express your business policies in the form of easy-to-understand security rules.

Flexible deployment options and native integration with our next-generation platform extend the policy enforcement and cyberthreat prevention to everywhere your users and data are located: in your network, on your endpoints and in the cloud.

Superior architecture, superior benefits

  • Complete visibility and precise control: Our next-generation firewalls provide complete visibility into all network traffic based on applications, users, content and devices.
  • Automated security: Innovative features reduce manual tasks and enhance your security posture, for example, by disseminating protections from previously unknown threats globally in near-real time, correlating a series of related threat events to indicate a likely attack on your network, and using dynamic address groups in security rules to avoid updating server IP addresses frequently.
  • Protection for your users and data everywhere: Our next-generation firewalls are natively integrated with our security platform, which prevents advanced and unknown cyberthreats no matter where the users and data are located: in your network, on your endpoints and in the cloud.

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