Hunt down and stop cyber attacks by extending detection and response to your network, endpoint and cloud assets.

Security teams face a series of difficulties in their efforts to prevent data breaches. Among them: too many alerts, too few security analysts, narrowly-focused tools, lack of integration, and time. The more we react, the further behind we get. It’s time for a different approach.

Palo Alto Networks is introducing a breakthrough approach to SOC visibility, investigation and speedy resolution – XDR, detection and response where the “X” stands for across any data source, be it network, endpoint or cloud. XDR brings visibility to the security team across all aspects of the infrastructure, breaking down silos and presenting a holistic picture of the organization’s activity for to improve security operations and posture.

Cortex XDR - Investigation & Response empowers your security team to quickly hunt down advanced attacks and adapt your defenses to eliminate future threats. XDR speeds alert triage and incident response by providing a complete picture of each attack and revealing the root cause automatically for you.


Palo Alto Networks' Cortex XDR will:

  • Accurately detect threats by analyzing rich data with behavioral analytics and machine learning.
  • Provide a complete picture of each incident and reveals the root cause to speed up investigations.
  • Accelerate containment through tight integration with enforcement points, enabling you to stop attacks before the damage is done.

Quickly Investigate Events

Cortex XDR - Investigation & Response offers the world’s first cloud-based detection and response app that natively integrates network, endpoint and cloud data. It accelerates investigations by correlating data and providing the full context of every incident, avoiding the complexity and manual analysis entailed by siloed tools such as endpoint detection and response (EDR).

Your analysts can instantly view the root cause, reputation and sequence of events associated with each alert, lowering the experience level needed for accurate alert validation. A forensic timeline of attack activity provides actionable detail for incident investigations, allowing analysts to accurately determine the scope, damage and next steps in seconds.

Hunt Down Threats with Powerful Search Tools

Cortex XDR - Investigation & Response enables your security team to search, schedule and even save queries to identify hard-to-find threats across your network, endpoints and cloud data. Flexible searching capabilities allow your analysts to hunt for threats and even search for indicators of compromise (IoCs) without needing to learn a new query language.

Collecting data and coordinating enforcement is a snap with this cloud-based detection and response app. It includes Traps endpoint protection and response agents, enabling you to provision industry-leading endpoint security on all of your devices, including servers, workloads and mobile devices. Traps simultaneously prevents malware and exploits while also acting as a sensor and enforcement point for detection and response. Traps goes beyond today’s next-gen antivirus products by leveraging multiple methods to identify malicious behavior and integrating with WildFire® malware prevention service for automated cloud-based threat analysis.

Leverage the Power of the Platform for Visibility, Scale and Speed

As a part of Cortex, Cortex XDR - Investigation & Response provides:

  • Easy deployment and management as an app in Cortex hub.
  • Unlimited licenses of Traps™ advanced endpoint protection and response to stop malware, ransomware and exploits.
  • Access to the Cortex XDR - Analytics app, which delivers automated attack detection powered by machine learning across network, endpoint and cloud data.

Ease Deployment and Streamline Operations

As a cloud-based application, Cortex XDR - Investigation & Response not only overcomes the scaling challenges of on-premises analytics, it also lets you stay ahead of attackers with cloud agility. It leverages Cortex Data Lake as a scalable, operationally efficient and cost-effective way to store the large volumes of data needed for analytics and AI.

XDR Detection and Response Benefits

XDR is designed to work for and with the SOC. It delivers three significant benefits: unlimited visibility, simplified security operations, and radically increased return on security investment.

Unlimited Visibility to Find Stealthy Threats Faster

XDR uncovers anomalous activity by correlating the behavior of users, entities, and actions across all data sources. It reduces threat hunting complexity by providing powerful search capabilities, rich attribution, and data correlation. XDR automates the discovery of active or past threats using big data analytics across endpoint, network, cloud, and third-party intelligence, converging unknown threat discovery to one location for the SOC.

Simplify Security Operations in Triage, Investigation, and Response

XDR accelerates and simplifies investigations by visualizing the activity chain for any event to automatically reveal root causes and provide actionable forensic detail for all security analysts. It eliminates alert fatigue by correlating investigation results with all security alerts from any technology, allowing less-experienced analysts to do more, faster. XDR responds to active threats and prevents future successful attacks via coordinated enforcement across your network, clouds, and endpoints, freeing analysts from manual work and allowing more time for threat discovery.

Radically Increase Return on Cyber Security Investments

XDR acts as a force multiplier for the security analyst team, streamlining workflows as well as reducing the time and complexity of event triage, incident investigation, response, and hunting. It enables security tools to work together to automatically address problems, making use of rich data and threat intelligence. XDR strengthens prevention by applying the knowledge gained from each investigation to improving defenses and preventing additional alerts, or similar threats, tomorrow.



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Key benefits of XDR

Discover Threats

Find stealthy threats faster with analytics across network, cloud, and endpoint

Simplify Investigation

Investigation and response simplified for unknown and known threats

Improved operations

Radically improve security operations and return on security investments

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