Mist Wired Assurance

Deliver reliable experiences for connected devices

Wired Assurance offers AI-powered automation and service levels for Juniper EX Series* Switches.

The Mist Wired Assurance Cloud Subscription Service leverages rich Junos switch telemetry to enable simpler operations, shorter mean time to repair, and better visibility into end-user experiences for your connected devices, including access points, servers, and IoT endpoints. Now the Mist AI-driven solution can be leveraged to deliver better wired experiences for Juniper EX Series customers, with or without Mist Access Points.

*Juniper Networks EX Series Access and Aggregation Switches


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Benefits of Mist's Wired Assurance Service

Customizable Service Level Expectations

Measure wired user experience and pre-/post-connection performance metrics for IoT endpoints.

First & Only Self-Driving Remediation*

Identify the root cause of wired and wireless problems and take automated actions when possible, including the automatic addition of missing VLAN configurations and automatically correcting switch port misconfigurations.

Proactive Anomaly Detection

Administrators can be proactively alerted when there is a deviation in switch performance from baseline before users even know issues exist.

Marvis AI-Driven Virtual Network Assistant*

Marvis VNA has been expanded to cover both wired and wireless networks, enable IT administrators to ask natural language queries and get detailed answers for troubleshooting and insight.

*Mist VNA Subscription required

Wired Service Level Experiences

As part of the industry’s first and only self-driving access network powered by AI, Mist Wired Assurance Service brings automated operations and service levels to Juniper enterprise switching customers via the Mist cloud. Set, monitor, and enforce Service Level Expectations (SLE) for key wired experience metrics such as throughput, network, and switch health.

Wired Switch Insights

Get switch insights from CPU to temperature and power supply on/off information. Receive performance series data from bytes to memory utilization along with real-time status data on number of Mist APs and wireless endpoints connected.

Anomaly Detection for Wired Switches

When combined with the Marvis service, the system will deliver proactive anomaly detection to identify issues in the wired network before users report them. With our 100% API-based platform, the system can alert administrators for rapid remediation to keep the network running and minimize business disruption.

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