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Transform your security so you can be more proactive

The first endpoint security capability that dynamically strengthens your security posture so you can get ahead of adversaries

The evolution and pace of cyberthreats are a constant menace and stress point for organizations. Enterprises have reacted by increasing security budgets amidst a shortage of security expertise, but they still can’t keep up with modern adversaries who are constantly updating their arsenal of tools, tactics, and techniques. The current options are siloed intelligence requiring human and manual intervention. These may address immediate threats, but the increasing numbers and nuances of cyberattacks are bombarding security teams into a seemingly constant reactive posture. A threat intelligence platform (TIP) can offer a large data lake of threats, but this requires manual integration and analyst cycles, producing limited actionability and remediation. Vulnerability management can advise on existing vulnerabilities and their severity but offers limited threat insight into how your security posture can or cannot defend against real-world current threats. 

The solution is McAfee® MVISION Insights, with real-time intelligence that empowers proactive action. Comprehensive intelligence that has been distilled and analyzed by artificial intelligence and humans can provide prioritization into which threats and campaigns are most likely to target your organization. MVISION Insights predicts exactly how a threat would impact your overall security, as well as exactly prescribe what you need to do to optimize your security stance.

Transform Your Security so You Can Be More

Proactive MVISION Insights offers new capabilities built into the McAfee® management platform experience that uniquely align with and streamline risk and threat operations to preemptively improve defensive countermeasures and accelerate response times while using fewer resources. Risk intelligence gathered from one billion sensors empowers your enterprise with the insight it needs to prioritize defenses. Detection, remediation, preemptive accelerated response times, and significant risk reduction can be realized from one console. Reactive cyberdefense strategies play their role as a critical cyberdefense component but are limited to playing catch-up and fighting fires. Adversaries are using next-generation tools to devise campaigns designed to attack traditional defenses, testing reactive security products to see what techniques will breach their shields. Organizations need to address the entire attack lifecycle before and after they are hit.

Key benefits

  • Risk intelligence gathered from one billion sensors: Proactively identify threat projects outside your perimeter from a trusted source. Prioritize threat projects according to industry verticals, geography, and your enterprise endpoint security posture. 
  • Identify threat campaigns prior to an attack and prioritize your risk level from a single console: Gain actionable intelligence on a threat and how your endpoint security posture will stack up against it, including remediation recommendations. 
  • Reduce mean time to detection and resolution: Streamline workflows to accelerate additional safeguards. Assess your current endpoint security posture with required actionable changes and speed response time from months
    to hours.


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Attack Lifecycle

At the end of the day, intelligence and actionable insights give you the best possible cybersecurity stance against the most likely threats and boost confidence in your defenses. MVISION Insights Provides Answers to Endpoint RiskRelated Questions:

Are you at risk? What is your level of exposure?

How do you prioritize the attacks that might hit your organization? How do you learn about them? What is your research process?

How do you know the threats that have not hit your organization but are likely?

Even if you had a TIP, how would you prioritize all the attacks within the TIP database?

How do you know about threats that have hit your peers?

How prevalent is this in your industry and region?

How does your current security posture sustain this threat?

What is your confidence in the complete threat landscape and why?

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