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Integrated, centrally managed, advanced defenses

Overcome the Attacker Advantage with McAfee Endpoint Security

In digital combat, cybercriminals benefit from the success of others. Successful breaches provide the motivation and resources for further attacks, whether for financial gain, economic disruption, or corporate intelligence. Organizations of all sizes are at risk from nation-states, hacktivists, organized crime, and malicious and accidental insider threats. The knowledge and capabilities gap between attackers and defenders is mandating fundamental changes to endpoint defenses, cybersecurity’s frontline.

Defenders Are Feeling the Pressure to Up Their Game

Security practitioners are under increasing pressure to defend their organizations. To overcome the attacker advantage, endpoint defenses need to collaborate with each other and with other security technologies to quickly detect, analyze, block, and contain attacks
in progress. They need to present forensic information quickly and intuitively. Moreover, they need to do all of this without adding to the complexity of the environment for IT teams or impacting the productivity and performance of the users they protect.

McAfee Endpoint Security Tilts the Battlefield in Your Favor

McAfee® Endpoint Security enables customers to respond to and manage the threat defense lifecycle and provides a collaborative, extensible framework to reduce the complexity of conventional multivendor endpoint security environments. It also provides administrators with visibility into advanced threats to speed detection and remediation response times. Global threat intelligence and real-time local event intelligence are shared between endpoints to further aid in rapid detection and response, while management is kept simple through a true centralized console and easy-toread dashboards and reports.

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Why McAfee Endpoint Security?

McAfee Endpoint Security is built for real-time communication between threat defenses. Events and threat insights are shared with multiple technologies to take immediate actions against suspicious applications, downloads, websites, and files. Redundancies caused by multiple point products or defenses can be found and removed, while a common endpoint architecture integrates several layers of protection to allow threat insights to be shared for faster convictions and analysis.

McAfee Endpoint Security consolidates individual legacy products into a single software agent solution. The common architecture allows capabilities that once worked separately to work together and provide improved security and visibility.

Signature-less protection

Machine learning pre- and post-execution analysis

Automatic containment of suspicious executables

Integration with endpoint detection and response

One-click corrections across entire environment

Automated workflows for greater efficiency

Gain the Advantage Over Cyberthreats

McAfee Endpoint Security is built for real-time communication between threat defenses.

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The Protection Workspace helps you see a summary of threats and complicance status across both your McAfee security and Windows technologies

Simply select Escalated Devices for more threat event information such as originating process and any actions taken to resolve the threat

McAfee Endpoint Security Features

Centralized management

The McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator management console can be deployed on premises or in the cloud. It provides greater visibility, simplifies operations, boosts IT productivity, unifies security, and reduces costs.

Machine learning analysis

Detect zero-day threats in near real time by examining how they look and behave to halt threats designed to evade detection.

Proactive web security

Ensure safe browsing with web protection and filtering for endpoints.

Advanced anti-malware protection

McAfee's anti-malware engine is continually updated by McAfee Global Threat Intelligence and works efficiently across multiple operating systems.

Dynamic application containment

Defend against ransomware and greyware by securing endpoints that are leveraged as entry points for attacks.

Actionable threat forensics

Quickly see where infections are, why they are occurring, and the length of exposure to understand the threat and react more quickly.

McAfee Endpoint Security Benefits

Environments with current versions of McAfee ePO software, McAfee VirusScan® Enterprise, and the McAfee agent can leverage McAfee's automatic migration tool to migrate your existing policies to McAfee Endpoint Security in about 20 minutes or less. 

Zero-impact user scans for greater user productivity

Stronger forensic data to help you harden your policies.

Performance improvements.

Fewer agents to manage, along with scan avoidance, to reduce manual entry.

Collaborative defenses that work together to defeat advanced threats.

A next-generation framework that is ready to plug into McAfee's other advanced threat and endpoint detection and response (EDR) solutions.

Advanced, consolidated endpoint defense

McAfee Endpoint Security delivers industry-leading protection and operational simplicity for your diverse endpoint environment.

Core threat prevention

Essential anti-virus, exploit prevention, firewall, and web control communicate with each other.

Machine learning

State-of-the art techniques identify malicious code based on appearance and behavior.

Application containment

Limit the impact of suspicious files and zero-day malware by blocking behaviors and containing them before they can infect or spread in your environment.

Endpoint detection and response

Our integrated, automated, and adaptable endpoint detection and response (EDR) technology is easy to use and makes incident response as simple as a single click.

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