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Juniper and Nutanix provide a secure and automated Multicloud Ecosystem for Enterprises

The growing cost and complexity of network, compute, and storage hardware, coupled with teams working in silos to build and support the underlying infrastructure, are presenting significant challenges in an increasingly application-driven world.

Juniper Networks Contrail Enterprise Multicloud works with Nutanix Enterprise Cloud to let enterprises build their own private clouds while freely moving workloads between multicloud environments, providing end-to-end policy and control that allows them to operate these environments as a single cloud.

Built around Nutanix Enterprise Cloud, integration of Juniper QFX line of switches and Contrail Enterprise Multicloud provides network visibility and analytics for virtualized workloads. In simplifying and automating network connectivity and management, Juniper has delivered a scalable fabric for distributed enterprise cloud architectures.

Juniper Networks and Nutanix deliver

  • A single platform delivering high performance and predictable scale for any virtual workload
  • High performance networking and security for scale-out virtual data centers
  • Flexibility with multi-hypervisor support (Hyper-V, ESXi, Acropolis Hypervisor) and a full appliance portfolio for the right mix of compute and storage resources
  • VMs that keep running and are protected with VM-centric backups and integrated disaster recovery
  • Innovative Virtual Chassis Fabric architecture with automation capabilities for simplified management

“By offering easy-to-deploy and simple-to-manage cloud infrastructure, Nutanix is democratizing the cloud. It shouldn’t require hyperscaler talent pools and supporting budgets to make cloud a reality. And by handling the integration and packaging the operations, Nutanix is making these types of deployments common across enterprises of all shapes and sizes,” Bikash Koley, CTO at Juniper

Security without compromising scale or agility

Hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) technology combines compute virtualization, storage, and networking resources into a single, easily deployable solution. Due to its simplicity and ease of management, HCI is widely deployed in multicloud environments with agile data centers. The highly dynamic applications that run in these environments need a security solution that can deliver comprehensive protection without compromising scale or agility. Enterprises can operate in diverse on-premises and public cloud environments as a single, cohesive set of resources, applying end-to-end policy from a single point of management regardless of the underlying infrastructure supporting the workloads

Juniper and Nutanix Secure Enterprise Multicloud Environments

The joint Juniper Networks-Nutanix solution helps enterprises secure their multicloud environments with advanced security, consistent management, automated threat remediation, automation, and effective microsegmentation. Enterprises can easily deploy a secure and automated multicloud without the overhead of operational and management complexity.

Benefits of the Juniper-Nutanix integrated solutions for a secure as well as automated multi-cloud enterprise:

  • Enables dynamic configuration of the data center network fabric, eliminating error-prone manual configurations
  • Supports end-to-end network policy configuration and management
  • Collects and reports network information for virtualized and physical workloads
  • Enables consistent policy enforcement across cloud deployments with single-pane-of-glass management

A unified cybersecurity platform

No cloud deployment is complete if it is not secure. Juniper and Nutanix collaborated to integrate Juniper’s vSRX virtual firewall into the Nutanix Enterprise Cloud running Acropolis hypervisor (AHV). The vSRX secures the hyper converged infrastructure with advanced security, automated threat remediation and microsegmentation between on-premises and cloud workloads.

Juniper’s unified cybersecurity platform, working with the Nutanix Flow software-defined network offering and AHV, employs microsegmentation to secure applications and defend against lateral threat propagation in the enterprise multicloud.

The platform protects a business by delivering advanced security services, including user and application firewall, advanced threat prevention (ATP), and IPS. Protect virtual workloads through effective microsegmentation, and get granular visibility and analytics. The platform also  enables consistent policy enforcement across cloud deployments with single-pane of-glass management

The Juniper Networks and Nutanix joint solution includes the following key components:

  • Juniper Contrail Enterprise Multicloud
    Contrail Enterprise Multicloud is a single platform that handles all overlay and underlay management; heterogeneous compute environments, including bare-metal servers, VMs, containers, and networking devices; private and public clouds; networking and security orchestration policies, including microsegmentation; and advanced analytics.
  • Nutanix Enterprise Cloud
    Nutanix Enterprise Cloud combines the agility and simplicity of the public cloud with the security and control you need in a private cloud. Built on the industry’s leading hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) technology, it integrates compute, storage, virtualization, and networking in a full-stack solution that runs nearly any application.

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