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Enabling Network Automation with Junos OS

Product Overview

The Junos operating system is a secure, open, and programmable network OS that enables network automation at scale. As the core component of Juniper’s routing, switching, and security portfolio, this cutting-edge network OS eliminates lengthy repetitive manual tasks associated with service deployment, improving overall operational efficiency and service agility. Junos OS also serves as an open programmatic platform, empowering service providers, enterprises, and developers to accelerate business innovation.

Product Description

The market environment is transforming. Increasing dependence on cloud-native applications, the continued growth of geographically distributed data center and branch offices, and the emergence of Internet of Things (IoT) and 5G technologies have all placed significant demands on the networking environment, driving the need to simplify configuration, integration, and management. Service providers and enterprises require an operating system that automates network processes, streamlines service deployment, and analyzes real-time network data consistently across a diverse and growing number of network devices and geographical locations. Juniper Networks® Junos® operating system is the single network OS that powers Juniper’s broad portfolio of physical and virtual switching, routing, and security products. Built with open programmability and an intent-based automation framework as the core principles, Junos OS is the first modular network operating system that provides clear separation between control, management, and data
planes. It is also the first network OS with open interfaces, versatile scripting support, and open-source frameworks, enabling service providers, enterprises, and developers to implement a DevOps approach that automates complex network operations to improve service agility. Featuring a modular design, Junos OS includes Junos Node Slicing, a market-leading innovation for virtualization and optimization. By decoupling network software from the underlying network infrastructure while allowing control, management, and administration isolation, Junos Node Slicing enables the convergence of multiple concurrent network functions on a single chassis, maximizing network utilization
while creating segmented services for customer satisfaction.


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Features and Benefits

One OS Network-wide

Reduces the time and effort required to plan, deploy, and operate network infrastructure.

Open and Programmable Automation

Enables a DevOps approach that simplifies complex network operations and improves service agility.


Junos OS incorporates many advanced security features that minimize network vulnerability.

High Availability 

Makes the insertion of line cards and the subsequent network OS upgrade a non-service impact event.

Superior Performance 

By supporting full symmetric multiprocessing (SMP), Junos OS enables the operating system to utilize all CPU cores on the Routing Engine.


Business requirements are always evolving, reflecting constantly changing market dynamics.

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