Infoblox Network Insight

Easily Manage Diverse Assets and Inventory with Unprecedented Visibility Into Every Device on Your Network.

Enhance Security and Efficiency with a Unified Network View

As any network administrator will tell you, when it comes to managing devices on your network, what you can’t see can hurt you. Network Insight ensures that you can see every network asset with unmatched clarity, context, and insight—every device, IP address, and switch port. It consolidates all your core network infrastructure and service data into a single, comprehensive, authoritative database. The agility you gain through its extensive automation, centralized visibility, and integrated management capabilities empowers you to meet the evolving needs of your business, while reaping substantial savings in time and expense.

Manage Diverse Devices Intelligently Even as You Grow

Network Insight integrates with your existing infrastructure, enabling you to easily discover and centrally monitor all IP assets in your organization, including devices, IP addresses, and switch ports. Reduce management overhead with the unique ability to share endpoint data seamlessly with the Cisco Identity Services Engine (ISE). See every device in context by matching its username to IP and MAC addresses in the IPAM database. Always be ready for future growth with predictive insight into capacity parameters, while avoiding IP address and switch point exhaustion.

 Infoblox Diverse Devices

Identify Rogue Devices Faster to Bolster Security

Quickly and easily find and remedy rogue devices on your network. Rapidly identify compromised devices using rich contextual data, including associated switch ports, IP and MAC addresses, location, and user information. Isolate devices using our automated switch port control. Speed response times with integrated access to Cisco ISE’s Rapid Threat Containment, which is automatically triggered by Infoblox Secure DNS whenever it detects a compromise.

Infoblox Rogue Devices

Gain a More Agile Network

Create an agile network infrastructure to better serve your changing business needs. Centrally manage your network, IP address, and switch port creations, deletions, and modifications. Improve productivity by bringing new devices online faster with the ability to dynamically assign IP addresses and switch ports to available addresses. Automatically reclaim unused resources to reduce waste, while reducing configuration errors that lead to downtime and higher troubleshooting costs.

 Infoblox Agile Networks

Your dedicated Infoblox experts

Infradata is an award-winning Infoblox Partner with advanced specialties, and the distinction of multiple certified engineers on staff. Our engineers are recognized by Infoblox as technical experts and advocates of Infoblox solutions. That means you can count on Infradata for the technical know-how and hands-on experience to accurately assess your business requirements, and design, implement, and manage a Infoblox-based solution to suit your needs.


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Key features

Automated Discovery

Schedule recurring discovery based on time, date, and network parameters.

Discrepancy Reporting

Receive reports and remediation options for port and IP assignments made in IPAM but that have been violated by actual network use.

Unmanaged Device and Network Discovery

Discover all devices connected to the network, and convert discovered objects into managed ones.

Blackout Scheduling

Prevent discovery and/or switch point control on selected networks at selected times.

Consistent, Centralized Ui

Centralize network management and improve operational efficiency with a unified UI for your entire organization.

Extensible Attributes

Organize and share data more effectively by using metadata to tag key IP resources.

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