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Defending every application in a multi-cloud world

F5 and Shape Security offer comprehensive, multi-cloud application security that slashes fraud and abuse, prevents reputational damage, and eliminates disruptions to critical applications.
The front line in cyber is shifting

This shift is driven by attractive economics for the attackers. An explosion of available stolen credentials and other PII, new advanced attacker toolkits, and cheap global botnets to rent have all contributed to making large-scale, automated attacks against web and mobile apps very inexpensive, fast and easy to launch, and potentially quite lucrative.

As a result, up to 90% or more of an enterprise’s online and mobile traffic can actually be automation and not real humans, much with intent to steal and commit fraud.

Shape Leverages AI and ML to Defeat Attackers and Prevent Fraud

Shape protects web and mobile applications and API endpoints from these sophisticated automation attacks that would otherwise result in large scale fraud. 

To websites and mobile applications, attackers appear virtually identical to genuine users by hijacking their devices, simulating human behavior, and leveraging stolen identities. Attackers rapidly evolve tools and methods, making it nearly impossible for apps or even humans alone to tell the difference between real and fake.

Shape solutions leverage artificial intelligence and machine learning, among other technologies, to accurately determine in real-time if an application request is from a fraudulent source, and if so, effectively mitigate. As soon as new countermeasures are deployed, 5%-10% of attackers will typically attempt to retool and start a new attack. Shape solutions adapt and maintain full efficacy even as attackers evolve.


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Four Solutions that Leverage Shape's AI System

Shape and API defense

AI-powered web and mobile fraud protenction for organisations of all sizes. Visibility and mitigation options to protect HTTP-based APIs. 

Shape enterprise defense

Comprehensive, bespoke implementations and web and mobile fraud protection.


Proactive user credential defense.

Manual-attack defense

Protection against manual labor farm attacks on web applications.

Why Enterprises Choose Shape

The world’s leading brands continue to select Shape to help them stop criminals, slash fraud and improve user experiences. Shape offers peace of mind through:

Unrivaled accuracy

Through patented telemetry and signal collection and advanced AI and ML, Shape solutions accurately detect and mitigate fraudulent and unwanted traffic in real-time.

Zero user friction

Shape solutions allow legitimate human users to proceed with without introducing any additional friction: no CAPTCHA, no multi-factor authentication.

Network leverage

Every 24 hours, Shape blocks more than two billion fraudulent log-in attempts and other transactions, while ensuring that more than 200 million legitimate human transactions are kept safe.

Omnichannel protection

Shape solutions can be deployed to protect web and mobile applications, as well as HTTP APIs. The company’s mobile SDK is deployed on more than 200 million iOS and Android devices worldwide.

Advanced defenses

Shape partners with enterprises to stay 10 steps or more ahead of the bad guys with the industry’s most complete defense solution portfolio. Advanced solutions include defenses against aggressive aggregators, manual fraud, and compromised user credentials.

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