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Aruba 360 Secure Fabric

Network Powered Security

The Aruba 360 Secure Fabric is an enterprise security framework that gives security and IT teams an integrated way to gain visibility, control and advanced threat defense.

As a market leader for networking, Aruba saw the need for a modern approach to designing enterprise security that leverages the power of the network and a full range of advanced analytics including AI-based machine learning. 

Aruba Network and Wireless Security

Aruba starts with an analytics-ready secure infrastructure. Extensive protection is embedded in the foundation of all Aruba indoor and outdoor wireless access points (APs), switches, gateways and controllers to secure the physical network infrastructure and the traffic that flows through it.

The Aruba security portfolio includes:

  • Aruba Policy Enforcement Firewall
  • Aruba ClearPass Policy Manager (network access control)
  • Aruba ClearPass Device Insight (advanced visibility of all devices connected to the network)
  • Aruba IntroSpect UEBA and NTA (integrated User and Entity Behavior Analytics and Network Traffic Analysis).

With the Aruba 360 Secure Fabric, security teams can now develop a seamless path that includes user and device discovery and access control, to analytics-driven attack detection and response, based on policies set by the organization.

Additionally, the Aruba 360 Secure Fabric is as an open, multi-vendor platform that works with an ecosystem of Aruba 360 Security Exchange partners to enable organizations to leverage their existing third-party solutions to better protect their investments.

Figure: The Aruba 360 Secure Fabric provides an integrated security framework for IT and security teams to gain back visibility and control of their network, as well as threat detection, investigation, and response centered around analytics.

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Analytics-driven Security

Both ClearPass and IntroSpect serve as Aruba security solutions and can be applied individually or in tandem to any network. While overlaying Aruba’s Secure Infrastructure, ClearPass and IntroSpect provide unmatched analytics-driven protection against today’s challenging threat landscape.

Expanded Visibility and Control


Know what’s on your network


Authenticate and authorize all the “things”


Security tool coordination through ClearPass Exchange

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