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Arista Networks 7500R Series

Arista 7500R Series Universal Spine and Cloud Networks

Designed for large virtualized and cloud networks the Arista 7500R Series modular switches are the industry’s highest performance universal spine switches. They combine 100GbE density with internet scale table sizes and comprehensive L2 and L3 features. Advanced EOS features for network monitoring, precision timing, VXLAN network virtualization and EVPN are combined with extensive hardware resources with a rich choice of systems and line cards to support lasting investment protection.

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The 7500R Series enable highly scalable cloud network designs with MLAG, ECMP and VXLAN technologies.

The Arista 7500R Series FlexRouteTM engine and EOS NetDB provides the scalability to support Internet IP routing scale with the lowest power consumption and fast convergence while scaling to millions of routes.

Arista AlgoMatch™ enables more flexible access controls with expanded scale across more fields with full capacity while providing additional capabilities for filtering. AlgoMatch is also the enabler for increased network telemetry using sFlow to sample traffic at hundreds of gigabits per second per line card.

Arista 7500R Series Universal Spine Overview

High Performance Universal Spine

  • Non-blocking 150Tbps of system capacity
  • High density 10/25/40/50/100G ethernet
  • 576 wire speed 100GbE ports
  • Ultra deep buffers up to 24GB per line card
  • Class leading latency of 3.5usec
  • 9.6Tbps of fabric capacity per line card
  • 13,824 Virtual Output Queues per port to eliminate head of line blocking
  • 200GbE and 400GbE ready

Arista EOS

  • Single binary image
  • Fine-grained truly modular network OS
  • Scalable control plane for internet peering
  • Extensible platform - bash, python, C++ , GO, OpenConfig
  • Resilient self-healing software
  • Rich Streaming Telemetry solutions

Scalable Cloud Designs

  • Comprehensive L2 and L3 feature sets
  • Internet scale IPv4 and IPv6 forwarding tables
  • Up to 69Bpps of wire speed forwarding
  • CloudVision provisioning and automation
  • VXLAN for next generation DC
  • LANZ for microburst detection
  • Accelerated sFlow for high capacity network security and application monitoring

Arista Networks 7500R Series

Arista 7516R: Delivers highest capacity, lowest power, and fastest Ethernet switching system.

Arista 7512R: Delivers the highest density, lowest power, and fastest Ethernet switching system.

Arista 7508R: Delivers high density, low power non-blocking Ethernet switching system.

Arista 7504R: Seven rack units of awesomeness, optimum form-factor for many mid-size deployments.

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