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Arista Networks 7170 Series

High Performance Multi-function Programmable Platforms

The Arista 7170 Series of programmable switches combine high performance with a fully programmable pipeline for a range of flexible solutions at both the spine and leaf tiers. The 7170 Series allow the data plane to be customized using EOS and P4 profiles to address multiple use-cases for Cloud, Enterprise, Service Provider and Content Networks.

The 7170 Series with Arista EOS support a rich set of both data plane and control plane features. Advanced features are enabled through profiles, that add features, new header formats, adjust resource scale, alter the order of operations or change the types of lookups performed on traffic passing through the switch. This level of flexibility means that not only is the 7170 Series a high performance data center switch, it can be used for a wide variety of new applications where traditionally appliances or expensive proprietary routers were required.

Based on the Barefoot Tofino switch chip, the Arista 7170 Series delivers fully programmable systems for a range of applications for network security, application telemetry, offloading hypervisors and flexible routing with custom encapsulations and new protocols.

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Forwarding profiles written in P4, can be adopted on the fly by customers to address multiple real world networking requirements for scale, advanced telemetry, security and encapsulation and can be further customized to specific customer use-cases.

Cloud-Grade Profile

  • Comprehensive IPv4 and IPv6 features
  • 128-way ECMP and UCMP
  • Segment Routing
  • 10G to 100G on all ports
  • 6.4Tbps of performance
  • Up to 5Bpps
  • Latency under 1us for IP Forwarding

Bare-Metal Profile

  • Segmentation with vrfs
  • Address only NAT
  • 128-Way ECMP
  • 100K VXLAN Tunnels
  • AlgoMatch ACLs
  • Large Scale NAT:
  • Up to 100K sessions on 7170-64C and 200K on 7170-32C
  • DNAT, PNAT, Multicast NAT
  • NAT64
  • Twice NAT

Large Scale Tunnel termination

  • Up to 192K tunnels
  • Support for custom tunnel types

Firewall / Stateful ACLs

  • IPv4 ACLs at up to 100K (7170-32C)
  • Nested/Hierarchical/Conditional ACLs
  • Tap and filter specific traffic based on hierarchical ACLs
  • Flexible wild cards and masking to determine behavior

Application Telemetry

  • Deep Packet Inspection (up to 128bytes)
  • Linerate per flow real-time statistics on all traffic
  • Queue monitoring, mirroring and LANZ
  • Intelligent triggers

  Arista Networks 7170 Series

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