Infradata: secure and connected

Our promise visualised

If there’s anything the past year has shown us, it’s that standing still is never an option. Well, we definitely kept moving. As a result, we’d like to reveal our new brand identity! 

A combination of vibrant colours, a new font, and our promise to you in the spotlight: ensuring your organisation is secure and connected. 

The signature colour we chose, a strong blue, symbolises reliability. One of our core values. We’ve also incorporated orange and yellow as secondary colours to symbolise the other values we stand for: energy and proactivity.

Strength in Numbers 

You’ve probably also noticed the new graphic elements we’re using. The shapely lines and circles stand for binary code, the root of computing. They also bring us together with our French partner in tackling cybercrime, Nomios, with whom we share our visual identity as part of the Nomios/Infradata group. The code we use translates to 365. The number of days we’re at the service of our customers. Strength in numbers and strength in collaboration.  

Secure and connected

Last but not least, we’ve included the reason why we’re here in our tagline. We’re in the business of cybersecurity and network infrastructure, two areas in the IT environment that we don’t see as siloes. We can’t secure without connections, and we can’t connect without security. That’s why we do both, and we make sure you can rely on our expertise so you don’t have to worry about either. 

Would you like to learn more about us? Get in touch with one of our experts.

23 February 2021

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