F5 State of Application Strategy Report 2021

Digital transformation has raced forward in the last year

Digital transformation is accelerating while bringing new challenges

F5 has published its report 2021 State of Application Strategy Report for the seventh time. It underlines that organisations without a robust application strategy will struggle with their transformation efforts and ability to deliver digital experiences that meet the needs of their stakeholders.

The findings point to an elevated interest in cloud, as-a-service solutions, and edge computing innovation, including:

  • 133% annual rise in respondents saying they are modernising internal or customer-facing applications
  • SaaS-based security was identified as organisations’ top overall strategic focus over the next two to five years
  • 76% of organisations say they have implemented or are actively planning edge deployments

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19 March 2021

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At a glance

Annual survey findings

Digital transformation has raced forward in the last year. The astonishing progress is apparent through several key markers revealed in F5's seventh annual survey:

  • AI-assisted business has tripled.
  • Applications continue to be modernised rapidly, with APIs a method of choice.
  • The importance of SaaS-delivered security is rising as organisations work to unify security across distributed applications while managing more architectures than ever.
  • Architectural complexity makes multi-cloud availability an imperative, and edge deployments are increasing, too.
  • Telemetry will take us to the future—but now, nearly everyone is missing the insights they need.

This remarkable past year, filled with new remote work, education, and consumer activities, has driven significant changes in organisations’ outlooks for the future, including which trends decision-makers consider most strategic over the next 2–5 years.

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