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Every organisation within the travel industry manages and processes a wide variety of sensitive data, using online platforms and networking environments. From transactions, private identity documents and demographic information about customers, to information about staff, suppliers and financial reports on business performance. It all runs through online systems, applications and increasingly on cloud networks.

This is what makes businesses within the travel and leisure industry a prime target for cybercriminals. The challenge is to protect customers, employees and partners while maintaining performance delivery. All of which requires next-generation, intelligent cyber security solutions and processes.

Network security and performance

Cyber security is already a fundamental focus for government and finance organisations. But more and more travel businesses recognise the importance of having access to state-of-the-art cyber security solutions and cloud networking services which will defend against modern-day threats.

Cyber security and networking solutions protect sensitive customer and staff data thanks to advanced defense mechanisms for networks, web applications, login environments, transactions and other sources that determine business success.

“Hotels and a large well-known European travel website were recently hit by large-scale cyberattacks and cybertheft. Cybercriminals knew exactly how to get their hands on the sensitive data and even credit card information of hundreds of thousands of customers.”

Leisure and travel – an industry at the forefront of cyber defences

With data breaches on the rise, the magnitude and effects of cyberattacks are also increasing. Cybercriminals targeting travel and leisure companies often steal online identity documents in order to sell them on, commit identify theft or perform unauthorised payments. In addition to damaging the brand through negative media attention and damaging customer trust, a hack often results in an expensive clean up operation and significant financial damage.

“The keys to combating the growing complexity of cyberattacks and cybercrime are cooperation and specialist knowledge.”

Hotels and well-known European travel websites were recently hit by large-scale cyberattacks and cybertheft. Cybercriminals know exactly where and how to get their hands on the sensitive data and even credit card information of hundreds of thousands of customers.

Infradata's certified experts have extensive knowledge of helping travel and leisure companies to combat cyber threats. These industries, like many others, are taking a proactive approach to cyber security solutions and cloud networking services in order to safeguard the growth of their business.

Six common cyber threats in the travel and leisure industry:

  • Payment fraud and/or credit card data theft;

  • Malware;

  • Advanced phishing emails sent to customers, suppliers, and other business contacts;

  • Password theft within login environments;

  • DDoS attacks;

  • Man-in-the-middle (MITM) attacks.

“Our certified specialists have already delivered Cloud Networking and Cyber Security solutions for companies such as Air France-KLM, Accor Hotels, and SNCF.”

Cloud Networking and cyber security: the foundations of success

The keys to combating the growing complexity of cyberattacks and cybercrime, are cooperation and specialist knowledge. Our expertise is delivered by certified cyber security specialists, cloud networking architects and engineers. That way, you can maximise the opportunities presented by technologies such as SD-WAN, as well as feel confident in the support you enjoy from professionals with market-specific knowledge about network solutions and applications for travel and leisure businesses around the world.

As an independent specialist, Infradata offers exactly this expertise and knowledge. Our certified specialists have delivered cloud networking and cyber security solutions for global companies such as Air France-KLM, Accor Hotels, and SNCF.

Our travel & leisure experts are available to discuss the power of cloud networking and superior cyber security right now.

GDPR: consumer privacy and business relationship data in the spotlight

In addition to growing cyber threats within the travel and leisure industry, electronic personal data processing is now under the political and social spotlight. There's a greater need to protect personal data and enforce that protection, as well as providing clear communication on this topic.

“Regular security audits, stronger data encryption, and foolproof password checks can’t be neglected any more.”

The GDPR demands attention from travel agencies and enterprises in the leisure market. The new legislation requires that with growing workforces, their systems have to be tightened up. For example, by managing user privileges and removing dormant users. This also includes taking measures to prevent disgruntled former colleagues from accessing your network and carrying out a revenge attack or compromising critical information.

Employee networks and data use must be monitored closely, if not in real-time, to quickly identify any signs of misuse of information or unauthorised access.

“The highest level of cyber security and cloud networking offers huge business opportunities for travel companies.”

Cyber Security insights, audits, encryption, and controls

Regular security audits, stronger data encryption and foolproof password checks can’t be neglected any more. Cyber security is a top priority for CTOs and network administrators. It’s also imperative to raise staff awareness on how to prevent data breaches and what to during a cyber attack. Teams need to be trained, so they know exactly how to deal with a data breach and how to communicate to external sources and the media.

Security and cloud networking opportunities

The highest levels of cyber security and cloud networking offer enormous business opportunities for travel and leisure companies. Infradata analysis frequently shows that efficiencies can be gained and customer performance expectations exceeded when the right technology choices are made. It is also no surprise to learn that network and security managers often have limited information and spend a lot of time looking into potential threats and vulnerabilities. 

Advanced Cyber Security Analytics and Insights

There are sophisticated tools available to monitor cyber threats in real time, notifying network administrators of suspicious activity straightaway. Not only do they improve performance and reliability but they can also increase customer satisfaction. Alongside cyber security, cloud networking is able to deliver higher application performance, making it quicker for visitors and users to access websites and applications.

Today's security insights solutions provide extensive cyber security analytics reports for network administrators. This makes it easier to find weaknesses, mitigate them and report on cyber threats, risks and averted attacks.

State-of-the-art Cyber Security and Cloud Networking for your travel or leisure business

Infradata offers the latest technologies, solutions, and trusted advice on cyber security and cloud networking in the travel and leisure industry. Solutions that are fit for the future – from deploying scalable network solutions for administrators and CTOs, to implementing cyber security measures and solutions as a Managed Service.

Meet one of our experts and gain insights into cyber security vulnerabilities, threats and the opportunity for your business to get ahead of the field.

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