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Protecting valuable assets and safeguarding integrity

Protecting privilege and ensuring integrity: IT security for the legal sector

Law firms and other professional services organisations handle privileged and sensitive information on a daily basis. Their clients rely upon them to consult on cases that are often financial, commercial and contentious in nature. They also depend on the confidentiality offered by legal professional privilege - a fundamental pillar of the justice system.

Legal sector trends


In addition to safeguarding the integrity of information, clients are increasingly demanding a more collaborative and flexible way of working - including the use of data/deal rooms. Competition for work is high, and clients will continue to push for services that are delivered both efficiently and securely.

Employees and contractors:
More than ever before, employees are demanding a flexible and modern working environment which, by its very nature, means that information is continually being stored, accessed and shared across different locations by multiple users. Add to this the growing use of contract and consulting firms and the challenges of ensuring that only authorised users have access to information regardless of whether it resides on premise, in the cloud or in a mobile application are very real.

Cyber security trends:

Common cyberthreats targeting the legal and professional services industry include:

  • Ransomware
  • Phishing
  • Cyberespionage (targeted intrusion from criminal gangs or hostile nation states)

Ransomware and phishing attacks are well-established methods of attacking organisations of all sizes across all industries. Relying on social engineering, user error and vulnerabilities in IT security defences, these types of attack are simple and quick to deploy.

A more recent development is the threat from highly targeted, malicious activity perpetrated by criminal gangs and hostile nation states in an attempt to steal sensitive information. Bear in mind that these types of attack are most effective when they remain undetected and therefore unremediated.

Top security solutions for legal firms

While no IT security solution offers complete protection and must be used in conjunction with the correct processes and policies, we are seeing an increase in demand for the below technologies:

  • Email security solutions protect against a variety of attack techniques, from malware-infected content to spoofing and low-and-slow granular attacks. Other solutions seek to ensure the integrity of email using authentication such as DMARC. By analysing factors such as domain reputation, headers and sender-recipient relationships, they can ascertain whether it is genuine.
  • Secure cloud gateways offer next-generation web security as they go beyond the network perimeter to protect data as it is accessed and stored in cloud applications. Features include web filtering, malware detection and data loss prevention.

Security and risk mitigation as a competitive differentiator

In many ways, providing a secure and protected environment is at the heart of what legal and professional services organisations do. Their clients are looking for expert advice on complex issues, and need to have full confidence that they will not be compromised. It is therefore incumbent upon these types of organisations to ensure that IT security is given the attention it deserves and is recognised as the strategic business enabler it can become.

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