Life at Infradata


Director Solutions & Innovation

In the morning, I drink...

My tea and start calling colleagues to discuss all activities for the day.

When I get up to go to work, I look forward to...

Meeting customers, excited to listen to their security and networking challenges!

I am mostly responsible for...

Developing the best solutions for customer problems and challenges.

My typical day is...

Drive to a customer meeting, run a whiteboard and understand the problems and challenges. Then I drive back to office to discuss these challenges with other colleagues. I then start working on proposals with our team of experts. Then it's time to read and answer my emails, have a number of phone calls with, partners and customers about ongoing projects.

The coolest part of my job is...

To create a common vision together with our customers on how to transform , secure and enable them in their digital journey.

The biggest challenge I have is...

To fit multiple customer visits in one day, or one week.

I started my career at Infradata...

In 2012, which was very small back then. I am delighted to see that we have significantly grown in all dimensions: people, portfolio, geographies.

The most memorable moment in my career was...

I don't exaggerate if I say that almost every day I experience memorable moments at Infradata. Winning new customers, seeing our engineers getting certifications, hearing positive and important feedback from our customers. It's great!

My top piece of career advice is...

To be open and creative. My motto is that anything is possible today when you put your mind to it, which wasn't possible yesterday! 

Our core values

We are a collective of unique individuals, each a master of their art. We are dedicated to shaping a future that is more integrated, secure and inspiring. We believe in doing things differently. Without compromise to excellence or limits on creativity. Our unique corporate culture is focused on devoted professionalism, strong teambuilding and creating an inspiring working environment.

PERFORMANCE: Always going the extra mile.

PASSION: Challenging the status quo.

FLEXIBILITY: Embracing change as the only constant.

PRAGMATIC: Simple and straightforward attitude.

OUT OF THE BOX: Thinking different than everybody else.

GROWTH: Continuous improvement and development.

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