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Certified Network Support Engineer

“Working with companies such as Ebay Classifieds Group, delivering state-of-the-art networking solutions to our customers and having passionate colleagues that are always supportive makes me proud to be part of Infradata.” - Jurgen, Certified Network Support engineer  at Infradata

How did you start your career at Infradata?

After getting my bachelor’s degree in Network Infrastructure and Management, I joined Infradata as an intern. During my internship I quickly learnt that Infradata  encourages its people to develop their technical skills and benefit from working with knowledgeable colleagues with networking expertise and hands-on experience. After my internship at Infradata, I was very happy to become part of the Infradata support team and workforce as a whole.

What do you do as a Support Engineer?

Throughout our Direct Expert Access approach, our support team helps customers to solve challenging networking complexities when issues arise on a 24/7 basis. I am a full-time certified support engineer at Infradata, with certifications varying from F5 201 and BIG IP 301 LTM to Fortigate Network Security Professional, as well as several Juniper Networks certifications. My daily activities vary from delivering support, to thinking of the best solutions for the technical and organisational challenges our customers face.

Every day at Infradata is different. I work with customers who are active in a wide range of industries, with every single one of them having their own specific objectives. There’s a lot of great use cases and thanks to my own skills and the experience of knowledgeable colleagues, I’m able to help solve customer challenges, while learning about new infrastructure and security solutions.

Why Infradata?

Working with companies such as Ebay to deliver state-of-the-art solutions, having passionate colleagues that are always supportive, makes me proud to be part of Infradata. Throughout the Infradata educational program I always have the opportunity to develop my skills and to receive new certifications in several engineering areas. This is an important aspect of why I work at Infradata. 

I’ve also got access to the Infradata Lab, where we’re able to test and play around with great new hardware technologies and software products. The lab is a very fun way of getting to know new technologies, always testing product limits to discover their full potential for customers.

I’m already looking forward to our next monthly security meeting, where we’re informed about the latest trends on security, as well as the occasional burger challenges and events such as a ski trip, or an employer event at the beach.

Our core values

We are a collective of unique individuals, each a master of their art. We are dedicated to shaping a future that is more integrated, secure and inspiring. We believe in doing things differently. Without compromise to excellence or limits on creativity. Our unique corporate culture is focused on devoted professionalism, strong teambuilding and creating an inspiring working environment.

PERFORMANCE: Always going the extra mile.

PASSION: Challenging the status quo.

FLEXIBILITY: Embracing change as the only constant.

PRAGMATIC: Simple and straightforward attitude.

OUT OF THE BOX: Thinking different than everybody else.

GROWTH: Continuous improvement and development.

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